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PE、PVC、CPE、TPO、EVA Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line


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Suitable for the production of a variety of materials, including PVC, TPO, PE and other waterproof coil and a variety of waterproof coil with different product structure.

Homogeneous Coil (Code H): without inner reinforced material or outer material

With fiber backing coil (code L): coating with fabrics such as polyester nonwovens and other composite materials on the surface of  waterproof coil;

Internal reinforcement Coil (code P): polyester mesh cloth in the middle of the coil to enhance the waterproof;

Internal reinforcement Coil (code G): glass fiber mesh cloth in the middle of the coil to enhance the waterproof ;

ব্যবহার: roof waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings, including planting roofs, flat roofs, sloping roofs.

Underground waterproofing of buildings: including reservoirs, dams, pool waterproofing, tunnels, grain depots, civil defense projects, landfill, artificial lake waterproofing and so on.              

প্রযুক্তিগত বৈশিষ্ট্য
আদর্শউপযুক্ত উপাদানপণ্য প্রস্থপণ্য বেধএক্সট্রুডার মডেলনকশা ক্ষমতা
YSB150-2300PP/PE/TPO/EVA1000-2000mm0.5-3mm150 / 38600 কেজি/ঘণ্টা
YSB150-3500PP,PE,TPO1500-3000mm0.5-3mm150 / 38,120 / 38900 কেজি/ঘণ্টা
YSB170-4400PP/PE/TPO/EVA1500-4000mm0.5-3mm170 / 38,120 / 381200 কেজি/ঘণ্টা
YSB200-7500PE5000-7000mm1-3mm200 / 30,120 / 382000 কেজি/ঘণ্টা
YSZ 130-2500PVC/CPE1000-2000mm0.5-3mmZ130800 কেজি/ঘণ্টা